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For the non Mexicans, you wait in line to get your passport checked and to get your tourist pass. For the Mexicans, though, you just walk straight on through! It struck me as really odd, that this was a border that is so hotly monitored in one direction, but so lax in the other. I get the logic, but still it was strange.

LouisLocal officials, business leaders and fans react to Kroenke’s trashing of St. LouisPosted: Wednesday, January 6 2016 6:15 PM EST2016 01 06 23:15:14 GMTUpdated: Thursday, January 7 2016 5:18 PM EST2016 01 07 22:18:41 GMTLocal officials, business leaders and fans fired back at Rams owner Stan Kroenke after the club slammed St. Louis in its relocation application.More >Local officials, business leaders and fans fired back at Rams owner Stan Kroenke after he slammed St.

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