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Album Download Help / Vinyl

If for any reason you never received your digital download of A Minor Bird from our tour pre-order or the TopSpin pre-order, please visit and TopSpin will sort you out!

If anything cannot be resolved after that, you can contact and someone will work it out.

Reminder, all of the downloads were sent on April 9th for any purchases made.

The vinyl is still in production and is said to be finished on May 11th so we can ship immediately after! When you receive it, you will have a free download card inside which you can give to a friend and share our music if you like. We can’t wait to see it ourselves and for you to hold it in your hands as well!!!!

– Sucré

Listen to A Minor Bird

It’s finally here!

If you can’t wait until tonight when you can purchase the album or get your pre-order download in your email, some of our favorite websites are streaming our album in its entirety! Hello Giggles + You Me & Charlie + Kick Kick Snare for starters.

We are so pleased to present to you….Sucré – A Minor Bird


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Questions/Answers Regarding Preorder

Hi all!! We wanted to respond to some of you as we appreciate your support and were notified of a few concerns and questions about the pre-orders. Hopefully the below will help with anything. Otherwise feel free to always ask anything on twitter @sucremusic and one of us will try to respond in a timely manner.

Because we are 100% self-funding the project between the three of us, we hope you understand and are patient with any issues that may come about. We would not be able to do this without all of you and it means everything seeing your tweets and comments daily! I hope you all can make it out to the shows and love the album even a small percent as much as we do!

1) The Red Velvet limited bundle is in fact limited. Elsie designed all of these items for us herself and we only made 100. Once they are gone they will be out of print. (By the way, I believe there are only about 10 left…)
-Note there might be a few items we have extras of and if that is the case we will make those available at the cheapest possible cost at the shows and on the site.

2) Shipping is a bit expensive but we hope you understand those are the shipping costs and not anything we bill or a fee we pay. The bundle will ship in two packages because of the size of the 18×24 poster and we want to deliver it in a tube so it is in perfect condition for you as well as protect the vinyl!

3) TopSpin will be handling all of the orders and they are a great company. The fee we pay them comes out of our pocket never yours as the consumer. If shipping seems to be far too high for you see if someone can get you a CD at one of the shows!

4) We will be playing shows over the course of the next year and will continue to book more and more. This is not a “side project” by any means!!! We hope to announce the ones we have 99% booked in the next week or so. We have some special things planned for the Los Angeles trip!

5) The vinyl will in fact be available independent from the bundle. As of now it is only available to pre-order at the Eisley and Sucré dates. Please take note that it is still in production and we hope to have it the week after release to ship to everyone. At that point we will put the remaining vinyl up in the site and at the shows for sale.

6) A digital copy of A Minor Bird will be delivered to your inbox around 12AM Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Anyone who orders the CD or the bundle will get that since the deliveries may be a bit later and we want you to be the first to have the music!!

7) iTunes and Amazon will both have the album on release day so please help us spread the word on release day!!!

There are a few other announcements you’ll have to wait a bit for

Thanks everyone!

A Minor Bird Pre-Order

In collaboration with Red Velvet we are releasing an exclusive bundle of the new album A Minor Bird before it releases on April 10. The package includes the 12″ vinyl record of A Minor Bird, limited edition Sucré paper doll poster, four lyric sheet prints, an art print from Danny Roberts, a tote bag and the digital download of the album on release emailed to you! You will also instantly receive the single “When We Were Young” delivered to your inbox.

There are a very limited number of these for sale exclusively through Red Velvet. Once they are gone they are gone for good!!