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The Gunnar Midnight 3D glasses came packed in a very stylish and unique box that highlights the Gunnar lens technology on the back. Gunnar packs the glasses with a microfiber cloth carrying case. For this price, I was hoping for at least a more solid form fitting case, but oh, well.

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fake oakley sunglasses As an ex squaddie, I was lucky in that very little (if any) barrack room bullying went on in our regiment, however, it was clearly obvious to us that bullying is a part of Army life. Whether that’s a barrack room bully or a senior NCO who had a bad night on the beer the night before or a row with the missus at home before coming to work, rank abuse has a lot to answer for. I understand fully the need for discipline in today’s Army but this can be so easily taken out of context when people’s emotions are thrown in to the pot fake oakley sunglasses.