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Thank Crikey For The Intrepid Sun


The Fiver is not one of those snooty media organs that looks down its not-altogether-clean nose canada goose coat $5000 no credit check signature loans at its counterparts in tabloid format. Because the Fiver knows that many excellent journalists work for tabloids, and many despicable ones that work for more hi-falutin’ ones. What’s more, some of the most important stories of our time have been broken by tabloids, who have thus performed a valuable social service. The Sun, for instance, has brought us many fascinating exclusives, and we don’t just mean Vicky, 18, from Bushey. Nor even Floella, 74, from Giggleswick.

Today, for example, as the rest of Fleet Street was weighing up the well-known merits and drawbacks of Roy Hodgson as a manager, the Sun scooped everyone yet again by producing a sensational exposé of the man to whom the Football Association best fake canada goose jacket has just entrusted the country’s footballing fortunes. The FA took months to appoint Fabio Capello’s successor but it seems that during all that time the incompetent bozos did not go to the trouble of thoroughly investigating the background of their preferred candidate. Thankfully The Sun is not so negligent

and today, no doubt after an intricately mounted sting operation, it exclusively revealed that HODGSON HAS A SLIGHT VERBAL QUIRK WHEREBY HE DOESN’T PRONOUNCE Rs THE WAY THE SUN THINKS best ideas about canada goose outlet online on pinterest HE SHOULD!

“Bwing on the Euwos! (We’ll see you in Ukwaine against Fwance),” mocked The Sun canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupons across its front page this morning, as intelligentsia all over the land wondered just how this Hodgson creature had managed to walk among us normal folks undetected for all these years. Thank crikey for the intrepid Sun! Presumably we can count on tomorrow’s edition of the ahead-of-the-pack tabloid to bring news that the FA has moved quickly to sack the outed Hodgson and instead install ‘Arry Redknapp, coincidentally a Sun columnist who recently revealed in court that “I write like a two-year old”.

Of course, how Redknapp writes or spells has nothing to do with how well he canada goose coat – hybridge lite manages a football team, any more than how Hodgson speaks does – unless, of course, he’s working abroad, in which case his fluency in five languages could be useful. In fact, don’t tell The Sun, but Hodgson’s polyglotism could also be valuable in all those boring but important Uefa and Fifa meetings, what with the 2018 World Cup bidding fiasco proving that England needs to regain favour with the many members of the international footballing community who perceive the English as a bunch of arrogant and ignorant rankers. Not a charge that could be levelled at the bosses of The Sun, of course, as they

obviously know their Rs from their elbows.


“Soccer insiders say influential England stalwart [Steven] Gerrard has little regard for Hodgson’s abilities and has probably passed on his views to England team-mates” – The Sun, today.

‘I’ve worked with Roy. He’s a good man and a good manager. It’s important he’s given a chance and I’m looking forward to working with him again” – Steven Gerrard, yesterday.


“When Roy came to The Albion after Di Matteo was sacked, all I really knew of him was that he had a footballing CV comprised of clubs I hadn’t heard of, and he sounded like the son in Steptoe And Son” – either highly paid can you wash a canada goose parka ITV football show presenter Adrian Chiles is trying too hard to be funny again, or prior to February 2011 he had genuinely never heard of such little-known football clubs as Inter, Blackeye Rovers, Fulham and Liverpool.


“So it’s the FA’s fault that The Fiver was forced to rattle off a hastily written story that was discreetly padded out to fill space, but on closer examination turned out to be canada goose coat 1000 calorie meal plans comprised largely of inconsequential and superfluous waffle (yesterday’s Fiver)? So what are the excuses for the other 250-odd days a year? And as for blaming the FA for everything: are you Kenny Dalglish?” – J Hughes.

“Re: writers confusing readers (Fiver letters passim). I was also horribly misled by Alan Bennett. Talking Heads contained not a single reference to David Byrne. Once In A Lifetime? More Ode to Nowhere” – Silas Hobbit.

“In the current episode of Football Weekly, there’s talk of Southampton manager Nigel Adkins’ use of positive phrases and buzzwords.  I saw an interview on Football Focus in which he used the term KPI.  Is it normal to use business jargon in football and if so, what are the Key Process Indicators for a match or player?” – Barbara MacDonald.

“Thanks for publishing my letter about celebrity lookalike llamas (yesterday’s Fiver Letters). Thanks also for correcting it to read ‘alpacas’ instead of ‘llamas’. Sadly, however, you got the wrong one for David De Gea. I meant this one, with the pursed pout and the outrageous quiff” – Simon Cherry


“Re: Simon Cherry’s photos of alpacas 88, I had no idea what to do with these photos of Owls that look like Roy Hodgson until now” – David McKee.

Send your letters to And if you’ve nothing better to do you can also tweet the Fiver.


Stoke City winger Jermaine Pennant has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in a nightclub in Manchester on Sunday night, two hours before he was charged with drink-driving, driving while disqualified and without insurance.

Ahead of this month’s Big Cup final, Uefa have planted their right foot firmly on the ground and said it will not be changing its rules on yellow cards in Big Cup for at least three years.

In news that prompted shoulder-shrugs all round in Fiver Towers, Alex McLeish has revealed Aston Villa striker Darren Bent might be fit for Euro 2012.

About two years after everyone thought he had hung up his boots, average price of canada goose jacket Sol Campbell has finally got round to announcing his retirement from football.

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has been nominated as Hero of the Year at this year’s Kerrang! Awards, which we’ve been asked to refer to by its very rock’n’roll title: the Kerrang! Awards Fuelled By Relentless Energy Drink.


Twelve Monkeys, Sigmund Freud, Oedipus and Charles Darwin all feature in this 2,450-word preview of Jonathan Wilson’s next contribution to Private Eye Magazine’s Pseuds Corner. Great Football Teams Go Bad. It would have been nice of him to write buy canada goose jacket uk accompanying York Notes.

Some angry readers complained that no Scottish fitbaw featured in The Knowledge: The Closest Finishes In Europe’s Top Leagues. Hint: the reason is in the title.

Barney Ronay has the imagination to liken Roy Hodgson to “a very wise koala bear cast in an episode of the Sweeney”, which means it’s unlikely he’s going to get a job dreaming up with front page headlines for The Sun.

Proper journalism’s David Conn points out the rather obvious fact that taking £600m out of Manchester United’s coffers to service debts might have an adverse affect on the team’s results, prompting a surprising number of delusional mouth-foamers to wave their pitchforks, rattle the gates of his mansion and claim he’s best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest wrong.

And not content with making Manchester United fans look a bit dim, PJDC reminds Newcastle United fans how wrong they were about Mike Ashley and his Cockney Mafia.


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And Lecrae, a Christian rapper, expressed their thoughts on

effingham teen gets life plus 20 years in murder

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Emotions snowball for Dick Advocaat after Sunderland clinch safety

Louis van Gaal isn’t the only good Dutch actor in town. The inner turmoil as Dick Advocaat watched Sunderland’s defenders fling themselves in front of Arsenal attacks must have been excruciating. Impressively still in the corner of his technical area, the man brought in to guide Sunderland away from doom stood calmly. The odd wolf whistle, the odd gesture, but nothing much more. Only best price canada goose parka in stoppage time did he raise his hands to his head. How he betrayed no more obvious nerves is a wonder.

Then, once it was over, it all came tumbling out. The sight of Advocaat in tears is not a sight many in football thought they would witness. Even he admitted he best mens canada goose jacket hadn’t exhibited such emotion before in all his years in the game. His long-time assistant, Bert van Lingen, came to him crying and it was infectious. “I learned a long time ago never to show any signs of pressure,” he said recently, and his authoritative influence since arriving in March has reaped the ultimate reward. Maybe that was part of the secret. The composure and personality to make Sunderland’s players believe.

The same thought crosses the minds of all clubs caught drifting towards the relegation whirlpool at some point or another: do we stick of twist? Do we trust the manager to turn around a slump,or change the record? Three of the twisters – Crystal Palace with Alan Pardew, West Brom with Tony Pulis and Tim Sherwood at Aston Villa – worked out handsomely, and with this critical point built on sheer defensive effort at Arsenal, Advocaat now joins that list. In another time and another place, this rendezvous had the perfect ingredients for a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours agreement. Arsenal needed a point to virtually secure third place and best place to canada goose coat 1000 bulbs buy a canada goose jacket in toronto could have done without any over-zealous tackles to contend with before canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews the FA best canada goose coat for women Cup final, thanks very much. Sunderland’s salvation point was a crystal clear goal. A glance at the average price for a canada goose jacket 0-0 scoreline without seeing the detail might give that impression. But that would be to denigrate the efforts of Sunderland’s rearguard, with Costel Pantilimon looming large in goal, John O’Shea and Sebastián Coates brave in front of them, and Lee Cattermole and Sebastian Larsson chasing down red shirts for all they amazon canada goose jacket were worth from midfield, the foundations of the team effort stayed strong.

The well-travelled Advocaat, who has managed in Holland, Germany, Scotland, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Russia, Belgium and Serbia, seems to have fallen a little best ideas about canada goose outlet online on pinterest bit in love with Sunderland. The feeling seems to be mutual as far as the fans buy a canada goose jacket and players are concerned. Advocaat took some gambles here. He started with a rich attacking hand, but soon realised he had to shuffle his pack after witnessing a first half in which his team were pegged back almost incessantly. For much of a gentle first half, Danny Graham was in such stark isolation, with the best part of half a pitch between him and his fellow blue-shirted team-mates, he might as well have started discussing the meaning of life with his two minders, Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny. Was it risky to just hope that Arsenal would have another off half in front of goal? It seemed that way, as Advocaat made a double substitution at half-time. He clearly wanted some more enterprise. He got it. At the start of the second half Sunderland found their direction. Steven Fletcher encouraged a more up-tempo and aggressive attacking intent. For any striker bearing down on an opponent’s goal when the relegation clouds need obliterating, the pressure, the fear even, must be mind boggling.

For Fletcher, as his legs carried him towards David Ospina’s goal, so much history weighed down. Not just Sunderland’s, but his own. Fletcher has been relegated twice before, with Burnley and Wolves. The breakaway chances came and went. But it didn’t matter. Fletcher’s contribution summed up Sunderland’s efforts. This was not about what had happened in the past or what might even happen in future.The bid to be alright on the night was everything.

Come the final whistle, Advocaat hugged his staff warmly, embraced his players and saluted the visiting fans. Job impressively done.

The discussions over his future with Ellis Short come the end of this concise and successful contract is meaningful, as if he doesn’t click more renew his position at the Stadium of Light he claims he will call management a day.

Whatever the outcome, this brief and emotional affair between Sunderland and Advocaat produced a love supreme.

If you like overcrowded schools, let them stay and breed

Ramsay took the restaurant menu, which was filled with fancily named high end French cuisine and went to the streets, where he asked some local Scots to read from it. There was not a single one of them who was not left confused about what dishes each of the names represented. Even if they could pronounce the names, they had no idea about what they would be eating.

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cheap jerseys There had better be no amnesty for illegals unless we don care about America. If you want crime and graffitti, give them amnesty. If you like overcrowded schools, let them stay and breed. (Caroline Barghout/CBC)”They were out here with our kids all the time,” said Nicholson. “I never would have thought that they were capable of doing that.”Nicholson did say that one of the dogs went missing recently but was later found.”I think pretty much I’m still in shock, like it still really hasn’t hit home that that is what happened,” said Nicholson. “It’s unbelievable.”She said the victim didn’t live in the home where she was attacked, but her grandparents were often there visiting friends.The little girl visited so often, she got to know Nicholson’s kids.”She’s been over here playing with our kids also cheap jerseys.

Not only are seven of the nation top 10 nightclubs in Sin City

For someone so talented we do not know a lot about her, except that she lived in Vegas for a while while choreographing for the Celine Dion show. We also know she has won an Emmy for her efforts on SYTYCD. And yet, watching her wretchedly raw works week after week on the show replica Celine handbags, there must be hints here and there..

There was a time when Las Vegas was known for its casinos. Today, however, the estimated 40 million visitors a year who flock to the city explosion of neon in the Nevada desert are just as likely to be coming for the entertainment. Not only are seven of the nation top 10 nightclubs in Sin City replica Celine handbags, but also visitors can scan a nightly entertainment roster which features cutting edge concepts and performers in their prime.

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Ako bi se ivrit redovno upotrebljavao, bilo bi neophodno skovati i naziv ivritski (up. Sanskrit sanskritski). Ali, kako je gore reeno, ne bi trebalo da ivrit ima terminoloki status u srpskom jeziku, jer, pored naziva hebrejski, upotreba i drugog naziva istog jezika mogla bi izazivati samo zabunu..

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