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Album Download Help / Vinyl

If for any reason you never received your digital download of A Minor Bird from our tour pre-order or the TopSpin pre-order, please visit and TopSpin will sort you out! If anything cannot be resolved after that, you can contact and someone will work it out. Reminder, all… // Continue Reading

Listen to A Minor Bird

It’s finally here! If you can’t wait until tonight when you can purchase the album or get your pre-order download in your email, some of our favorite websites are streaming our album in its entirety! Hello Giggles + You Me & Charlie + Kick Kick Snare for starters. We are… // Continue Reading

Questions/Answers Regarding Preorder

Hi all!! We wanted to respond to some of you as we appreciate your support and were notified of a few concerns and questions about the pre-orders. Hopefully the below will help with anything. Otherwise feel free to always ask anything on twitter @sucremusic and one of us will try to respond in a timely manner.

Because we are 100% self-funding the project between the three of us, we hope you understand and are patient with any issues that may come about. We would not be able to do this without all of you and it means everything seeing your tweets and comments daily! I hope you all can make it out to the shows and love the album even a small percent as much as we do! // Continue Reading

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